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About yuval

I have been dealing with art from a very young age, since I can remember myself really.

I have always loved painting, building, and designing.

I discovered the world of jewelry a few years ago. Occasionally, I would make jewelry as presents for close friends, and it grew from there. The rumor that I make jewelry traveled through word of mouth, and more and more people started approaching me about it.

Something that started as an amateur hobby became not only my business but also my biggest passion.


At some point I went to study jewelry crafting at Shenkar.

I discovered a world that I want to expand, enrich, and delve into. During my studies at Shenkar my teacher told me that I should develop the design style that speaks to me the most, and I naturally found myself drawn to the worlds of nature and the sea. When I was a child I was always drawn to nature, and the sea is an inseparable element of that. I was an outdoor kind of child, climbing on trees, walking barefoot, ditching school to go to the nearby beach.


I knew this was my world.

There was no better way for me to give back to the sea and nature, and to thank them for all the good they gave me, than to let them be my inspiration for the jewelry I design and create.


Just as I thank them, I thank you too.

It moves me that I can share this journey with you.


Lots of love,


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